Financial Services Organization

A newly appointed CEO inherits a demoralized, frightened, risk averse and reactive organization. Teamwork and trust must be restored to correct a legacy of command and control management practices and empower the Senior Executive Team to lead transformational change.


To transform an organization described as an interlocking matrix of fear and hate into “an interlocking matrix of cooperation and respect.”



Identified New Cultural Vision by working with the Senior Executive Team to identify a preferred future that featured high employee engagement, cooperation and collaboration.

Introduced a Strategic Plan for Cultural Transformation which was essentially a multi-year road map of teambuilding, corporate communications, training and development for internal audiences.

Rebuilt Trust between all Levels of Executive, Senior Management, Management, and Staff through off-site training sessions focused on collaborative skills training and teambuilding. Individual coaching was introduced to support and reinforce the behavioral changes necessary for management to succeed in the new environment while an on-site EC facilitator assisted staff to constructively resolve working issues. An Internal Climate Study showed trust in the Executive increasing to 7/10 from 2/10 in a period of one year.

Resolved Departmental Silo Issues by initiating a culture of high engagement and collaboration. Shared organizational objectives replaced departmental "quotas" reducing bureaucracy and increasing overall efficiencies.

Built an Internal Communications Plan focused on understanding and consensus around vision and business strategy while concurrently building trust in the leadership and support for change. Focus was maintained through a variety of ongoing communication vehicles reporting progress in plan, initiatives and results.

Built an External Communications Plan positioning the client externally as champion of its shareholder's concerns resulting in increased industry profile as expert authority on pension trends and issues and creating "a best practice Governance environment."

Used External Success to Reinforce Change Internally by sharing stakeholder recognition of increased client service to highlight momentum and progress among staff.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Morale. Staff acknowledged a significant and positive change in the overall environment as well as being better informed and enjoying a greater sense of "team." Retention issues have been replaced by top industry talent seeking employment with the organization.