Global Software and Services Provider

After a period of rapid global growth for this company, industry consolidation, volatile economic conditions and increasing competition have resulted in necessary downsizing, restructuring and an increasing loss of autonomy from its parent company.

A conflicted and fragmented Executive Team had devolved into regional players unable to achieve strategic consensus. 

Power dynamics within the executive were inhibiting collaboration and innovation and promoted an atmosphere of uncertainty and mistrust.

Extraordinary Conversations is given the original assignment of restructuring the Executive Team. However, at the beginning of the process, the President abruptly resigns.



Strategically support the newly appointed President in rebuilding unity of purposed across the organization. Strategically consult on all aspects of organizational restructuring.

Transform an organization from one of division and fragmentation to one of unification with consistency of culture. Integrate collaborative global customer-focused approach and eliminate negative dynamics between head office and the regions. 



Rebuilt Purpose and Collaboration in the Executive Team through teambuilding. Using collaboration skills training and processes, we were able to support a renewed commitment to work together, solve business and personal issues, and put the good of the company before personal ambitions. Executive coaching later supported behaviors critical to success.

Developed a Shared Global Vision of "One Company, One Culture" to inspire, empower and lead employees towards stabilizing the business and look for more efficient and effective solutions to maintain profitability through innovation.

Cascaded Teambuilding Down into The Global Employee Base by conducting teambuilding sessions in six regions around the world to promote new shared vision, organizational objectives, and a consolidated leadership.

Launched Global Vision and Strategy through a globally teleconferenced Town Hall Meeting. Consensus and global teambuilding achieved  through targeted messaging around regional and departmental contributions to achieve overall organizational success.

Built a Comprehensive Internal Change Communications Program to support continued collaboration and innovation. Global monthly "View from the Bridge" teleconferences were held for all employees to report progress in plan, initiatives and results. Newsletters, intranet, and other internal vehicles followed.

Strategically Managed Internal, External and Media Relations through international office closures and downsizing. Managed key messaging to maintain strategic focus, minimize retention issues, and promote stability and control to stakeholders.

Built an External Communications Plan positioning the client externally as expert industry innovator in a dynamic marketplace with shakeholders, competition and media.



 Despite ongoing change and challenge, employee audits and feedback vehicles indicated morale and trust levels rose to 8/10 from 5/10 in a one year period. Employees reported that communications built confidence in the leadership and support for the company's ongoing change strategies. Change communications were also credited with helping the company to meet its employee retention goals.